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The following Biography contains extensive high profiling details; into the life, love and times of a man, who gives of himself to all that he believes in so passionately.

On October 8th, 1958 Mr. Kevin Omni was born in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. The fifth child out of six children. He feverishly strived to accomplish his goals, and reach his own expectations. Through hard work, dedication and devotion to his cause he persevered, utilizing all adversities and hardships, as a steppingstone rather than allow them to be roadblocks.

While attending Clara Barton H.S. for health professions, from 1973 to 1976, Kevin majored in medical lab technology and hospital office procedures. He received numerous awards such as: Speech and Theatrical Arts, Business Education Association, Kings County Hospital Volunteer Medal, Honors English and History, along with the Jr. Sanitation certificate.

After H.S., Mr. Burrus attended NYC Community College. He was enrolled in the liberal arts and science program. Still feeling the need to strengthen himself on a professional level, he entered the "Strive Program". Mr. Burrus developed a strong interest in sexuality-associated behavior with human life. The pro's and con's, it's actions and reactions, it's effects in the lives of it's participants, as well as the one's who love and surround them i.e.: families and friends. As a direct result of this interest, the humanitarian, the support person, activist and producer was created.

Mr. Burrus began to produce and host a wide array of shows, benefits and video's under the name of "Ultra-Omni productions, AKA House of Omni." Mr. Burrus produced and supported such events as: "The Love Ball",for the Design industry Foundation for AIDS, from 1989 to 1991. Some other supporters included: "Beverly Johnson, Bob Mackie, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Madonna, Queen Latifah, and a host of others. He was involved, hosting a benefit for the "The Harlem Boys Choir" at the Jacob Javits Center, 1996 for Kwanzaa.

He also worked with the Justice Project 1991, Covenant House 1996,which included a major show called: "Style", stars teaching youth about a longer existence, other supporters included: Maxine Lewis (Apollo Theater-Children's Amateur Night) Dr. Ed Lover Hot 97 FM. Radio.

Mr. Burrus has been involved in radio promotions for "'The Red-Alert Show" on 98.7 Kiss FM from 1991 - 1992, NY "s #1 Hip-Hop D. j He (Kevin) was also involved as a dancer back in the day on "Jerry Bledsoe's Soul Alive TV show (WPIX channel 11). Mr. Burrus was also privileged to be a guest on "Morning Radio's Star & Buc Wild Show 105.1 FM. He has traveled throughout the major US. Cities performing in countless clubs, balls and fundraisers.

Newspapers have acknowledged Mr. Burrus nationally, internationally as well as locally. Appeared on "LOGO TV News Feb 2006. He has appeared on MTV news in 1989, most recently he has appeared on BBC TV of London hosting an affair at Club "Escuelita's" NYC, while being filmed & interviewed via limo.(April 2002).,the NY Daily Newspaper: Faces and Places in 1990, the Village Voice in 1995, 1997 and January 18th, 2000. The Fashion of the New York Times, August 1999 & June 2000, May 2005; Vrij Nederland (Amsterdam, Europe),1991. New York Post, September 2001. Vibe Magazine 2000 & One World Magazine 2002 with Duane Pyous, Director of Photography. Kevin Omni is also featured in a book titled: "Award Winning Men" by Ed Karvoski Jr., April 2002. As well he received acknowledgments in the credits from Holly Brubeck's book "Girlfriends"1998.

Mr. Kevin Omni Burrus has accomplished many fantastic things in his 40 plus years and continues to do so. He has produced and hosted fashion shows for 15 years, produced Balls for 25 years and has earned over 230 trophies since 1980.


In 2006 recieved the "Lifetime Achievers/MINI Ball Award" "The Clubhouse NYCIn 2005 Kevin recieved the 25th OMNI Anniversary Award.In 2004, Kevin received the How Could We Ever Forget You Award from the House of Ebony's 25th Anniversary; The WestCoast Hall of Fame Award 2001, The Lifetime Achievers Award 2001, The Lifetime Friendship Award 2002, G.M.A.D Award 2002 The House of OMNI, the Lifetime Achiever Mini-Balls Award 2004 and the Realness Award from The Clubhouse; the Black Pride Promoting Partner Award 2004 - 2005 from Black Pride NYC and the Jon Michael Harrington Humanitarian Award from the GMHC House of Latex. 2004, Hall of Fame 1984, 1996. Legends Award 1993,1998. The Proclamation Award from the House of Ebony 1997. Outstanding Ballroom Participation Award, House of Mugler 1995,Ballroom Appreciation Award, House of Princess 1995.

And many others...... . Including and not excluding; Kevin gave the first Mini Ball in Brooklyn NYC, 1982. Which started the now trend of Mini Balls along with friend /Makuta Versace Chanel. Started sequel "Legends,statements & Stars Balls 1 through 10. 1989 - 2000. Also, Kevin started the theme "Lifetime Achievers/Icons, Stars & Status Balls, 2003,2005. Kevin is also a Talk Show host for:" The Ian Show" an on-line Internet radio show. He has subsidiary members in other cities such as: Chicago,Indiana,Milwaukee, Detroit, Los-Angeles, Oakland, Raleigh & Durham, as well as subsidiary members in Paris, France and London England. He has also produced several roller-skating events at the world renowned "Empire Roller Rink" in Brooklyn, NY.

Kevin is presently hosting events for performers such as R & B singers and singers and House Music Artist: Colonial Abrams: Tanya Gardner, Loletta Holloway, Ultra Nate, Kenny Bobien, Ronald Clark, Toni smith, Martha Wash, Barbara Tucker, Melissa Morgan, Jennifer Holiday, Inaye Daye, Allison Williams, Kevin Aviance. Phyllis Hyman. Rap Artist:" Lil Kim","Trina" and a host of others,(Club Warehouse, Octagon). He has touched many different areas of entertainment, and has been a dancer, model, producer, fashion, talent, fundraiser coordinator. He has excellent public speaking ability. He has also been a contributing writer for (Clikque Magazine), and has written independent stories about the Ball Culture as well as columns in regard to what's happening around the NYC nightlife. Contributing writer to "RockStar Ballroom Magazine" for it's premier issue Winter/Spring 2005. Kevin Omni interviewed in magazine "In The Meantime" Fall 2006. Also interviewed in "Out in Jersey"magazine Spring/Summer 2006

Kevin Burrus is a member of the Harlem Arts Council, 2000. He served as a Black Pride NYC board member, 2001. He was also a member of the NAACP Jamaica, NY Branch 1993. As a peer Counselor for Harlem United Community AIDS Center; he was responsible for conducting outreach to various venues educating those at greatest risk, people living with and threatened by HIV and AIDS.
Kevin is equally talented with multiple skills in the corporate world as well. He has worked as a network and help desk operator, Jr. Data Communications technician for banks and brokerage securities firms from 1978-1993. He "s been utilizing Boy Scout & Cadet leadership skills, talents and life experiences.

He is currently working the film/documentary titled "How Do I Look", As producer of this film, he is reaching out to the many communities to inform as well as educate them on "Ball Culture" it's pro's and con's and effects on our society as a whole. This is in regard to sexuality, health related issues and more (homelessness, drugs, etc.). As of 2006 Kevin is serving as Public Rleations/ Media Contact for "Arts of the Heart LLC", (Empowerment Program). Kevin is involved in doing lectures nationwide furthering the education of HIV/AIDS Education &Awareness.

One thing is sure "Kevin Omni Burrus" and companies are dedicated to doing their part to a struggle that has been in existence throughout the years. Most importantly he devotes his time to his family and friends, especially his young nephews and niece and many other children. Kevin Burrus is now taking ministry friendship counseling lessons from his church; "Brookdale Baptist Church" he is very much involved in spirituality and prayer meditation...He believes that "God" is the answer to everything!


Kevin Omni Burrus

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