HDIL inspires and touches the community

How Do I Look inspired painter Serge Strosberg and he hired Giselle Xtravaganza, third from left. After Serge viewed the How Do I Look documentary, he called the director Wolfgang Busch to hire Giselle for this project, see below.


Did you know Serge Strosbergs Father did AIDS Research.. Hmm no wonder the UBER TALENTED PAINTER was so inclined to donate 20% of the proceeds from his inverted mirror image portrait of ABEL VARTANIAN. He is a freaking GENIUS sometimes these days you have to stretch your eye to get art, NOT THIS TIME FOLKS, this is clearly talented -amazing -focused work. BRAVO SERGE BRAVO! www.sergestrosberg.com
for more of my interview with Serge in french and english I may add tune in monday: PHOTO:OSBOURNE
by SUZANNE " AFRICA" ENGO on Mar 28,2008




of Madman Productions, Chicago directs the first HOW DO I LOOK Ball July 22, 2006 in Chicago. John was inspired by HOW DO I LOOK and attended the Sept 8th Chicago HDIL screening.






- HOW DO I LOOK celebrity judge on Sept. 8th, 2006 in Chicago. Mo'Nique was touched by the HOW DO I LOOK documentary and attended the HOW DO I LOOK ball.



The How Do I Look project continues to attract celebrities and we are honored to receive this personal note from the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Below is a scan of Marc's personal note and you, the "Ball" community should be very proud. This note is very well deserved. Please take this note as a motivation to empower yourselves artistically and inspire the up-coming generations to keep the legacy and creativity alive.


Robert K. Burns

Philadelphia, PA Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I would like to applaud you for all of the work that you have done to continue to bring the ballroom community, its personalities and their stories to the forefront. That is a tremendous undertaking and I support you in the great work that you have done. MOTHER SHIZZ KANNON I HAVE BEEN A FAN OF YOUR WORK FOR MANY YEARS. I WOULD JUST LIKE TO TAKE THIS TIME TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR RECENT PROJECT AND I WISH YOU THE BEST WITH IT.. I HOPE IT DOES AS REMARKABLE AS YOUR PREVIOUS PROJECTS, IF NOT BETTER.........GOOD LUCK

Miguel Pendavis

Overall Father of the Legendary House of Pendavis, Washington DC Friday, October 15, 2004

I am writing you to let you know that I do admire your work you have done in regards to the documentary. Its time that everyone is educated about the history associated with the ballroom community.

Pamela Lucero

Linda82Princesa@aol.com John Jay College of Criminal Justice , Long Island NY Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

course: Social Deviance The Topic; The Male Homosexual living in the 21 century


NYC 12/16/02 QueenMother Forums

"I really appreciate the links you provided for "how do I look" and the german website.I got goose bumps reading the bio's on the people involved.....I'm so inspired by their inspiration...and actually a little teary eyed."

Jonathan David Jackson

Department of English, Goucher College February 12th, 2002

"I am very proud and spiritually moved by the work that both of you (Wolfgang Busch and Kevin Omni) have done on How Do I Look."

Daymone Edmonds Edmody@aol.com

October 15th, 2002 Fashion Stylist

"I thought the film was educational, interesting, entertaining and inspiring. Your movie will impact the ball scene in a way that no one will never imagine. Wolfgang Busch the work that you have done will open doors for the community, In a million ways.. This is the type of movie that will change peoples lives, and I am speaking from personal experience!!!"

John-Michael Corales

ocharaver21@aol.com Student at Stony Brook University November 7th, 2002

"Too many of our young people are falling into the cracks and losing out on all that life has to offer. In providing them with true accounts of the vary people that they admire, it gives them a new outlook on the way they live their lives. I know that I personally have been touched."

Teri Kelley

terikell@aol.com July 8th, 2003

"Your efforts for Pepper Labeija really touched my heart, the How Do I Look Project is fantastic."

Tamara Peters

tampetersnyc@aol.com Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Student at Edison College in Naples, Florida.

Your website really helped make my presentation a hit. My topic in Human Growth & Development class was: GENDER. What is it? How do we acquire gender roles and learn stereo types. One of my classmates came to propose a New club on campus. Guess what it is for? A gay & lesbian club. Can you believe it? Talk about a fire spreading fast.

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